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A Specialty Practice of Nevada ENT

A Specialty Practice of Nevada ENT


Important Announcement

Dr. Thomas Killeen will be retiring from Nevada ENT and Hearing Associates, effective June 30, 2022. Join us in thanking Dr. Killeen for his years of care to our community and wish him a happy retirement.

If you are a patient of Dr. Killeen’s, our talented team of physicians are looking forward to seeing you.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions, as we want to make this adjustment as smooth as possible.  We appreciate your business over the years and look forward to assisting you.


· All patients will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of appointment booking, and also on both the day prior to, and the day of the visit. This screening will include a temperature check at the time of entry.

· The number of patients in the building at one time will be limited and extensive decontamination efforts in exam areas will be taken after each visit.

· All staff will wear masks at all times and we ask that patients do the same when visiting our office.

· If any patient has had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 in the 3 weeks preceding the visit, we will ask that they arrange for a telemedicine visit or see their PCP.

· We ask that those accompanying patients to our office be limited to one in the case of minors or those who need assistance only. Otherwise, we ask that only the patient themselves enter our building.


We provide the full complement of rhinology services, from cutting edge medical therapies to advanced rhinologic surgeries. Novel medical therapies include the use of budesonide irrigations, and individually-determined topical antibiotic therapies.

We know that convenience is an issue for our patients, and we are happy to announce we have purchased a brand new in-office cone beam CT scan. Excellent image clarity can be delivered with less radiation than a conventional sinus CT scan. Our CT images are reviewed by your surgeon and the report is generated by a board- certified radiologist.

Rhinologic Surgeries

  • Primary endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis with and without polyps
  • Revision endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Frontal sinus drillout (Draf 3 / Modified Lothrop)
  • Septoplasty
  • Inferior turbinate reduction
  • Endoscopic dacryocystorhinotomy (DCR)
  • Endoscopic orbital decompression
  • Endoscopic repair of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak
  • Endoscopic resection of sinonasal tumors
  • Endoscopic approach to the skull base and pituitary gland
  • Endoscopic repair of skull base defects



Contact the Experts in Sinusitis

Specialty Treatment for Sinus Conditions

Our specialists and staff at Reno Tahoe Sinus Center work with patients to provide individualized solutions for patient care. Generally, it is best to call our office directly with your questions, however, it is possible to request an appointment and to contact our office for billing questions via email. Please understand that we are unable to answer any medical questions via email. We look forward to your visit!

Monte Vista Village
9770 South McCarran Boulevard
Reno, Nevada 89523-9203

Phone: 775.322.4589
Fax: 775.322.3787
Toll Free: 800.722.4589


Our Sinus Specialists at Reno Tahoe Sinus Center

Providing Individualized Solutions to Patient Care



C.C. : I can not believe that I waited soooo long to have sinuses looked at. Post surgery I feel 20 yrs younger One of my Best Dr. experiances ever. Please do not hesitate to see Dr. Meier for your sinus problems.”

M.E :From initial visit and surgery to a year later, always a professional and happy with follow up and outcome. Excellent! Surgery was less painful than previous by another doctor, quicker return to normal activities, and with much better short and long term results. Explained problems and procedures clearly and accurately. Highly recommend Dr. Maier.”

J.G. :Great Experience! This was a great experience from start to finish. He gave me options, supported my decision, and then the surgery was quick with a very easy recovery. I almost didn’t know I had a surgery, and now I can breathe easily and smell things for the first time in years!”

H.E. :Resolved my sinus and breathing problems quickly and with a great bedside manner. Dr. Meier is friendly and caring. He listens when you converse with him and he remembers what you tell him for future visits. He provided me with several options and also discussed with me the option of not having surgery. He didn’t pressure me into surgery and helped me come to the most informed and best decision for my medical needs. He explained what I could realistically expect to get out of surgery and what to expect post-op and many years after surgery. Dr. Meier made my surgical experience pleasant. I am very pleased with him.”

S.A. :Septoplasty bilateral total ethmoidectomy surgery (sinus surgery) Dr. Meier is a forward thinking practitioner willing to listen to my issues and provide guidance and options. I had sinus surgery about 22 years ago and really needed to repeat the procedure. I was reluctant because my first experience convinced me to never have that surgery again. I was miserable in recovery! But, Dr. Meier assured me that new techniques made the process a very different experience. I finally agreed out of desperation and constant sinus infections. He was completely accurate! 20+ years made a huge difference and my results have been excellent.”

Anonymous:Do not fear this surgery; even if you have had it before. I have had one surgery to fix a deveated septum before that left me immoble for three days. Now, this surgery will leave you with the ability to breath and smell the same day! Dr. Meier said this would be different and he was right.”

D.C. :Great Physician! Having had surgery in the late 90’s for nasal polyps, my experience with Dr. Meier was 180 degrees the opposite of my first surgery elsewhere. He really understood my medical situation. The surgery was amazing! He did not use packing in my nose post-surgery and I could immediately following surgery, breathe and my sense of smell returned.”

P.C. :Great sinus surgery. I have had 2 previous sinus surgeries in 1987 and 1995 and still continued to have issues. I was very skeptic about having another surgery. Dr, Meier said he does things differently so I decided to go for it. He said that he didn’t pack the sinus after surgery. I continually had facial pain on my left side and headaches and nothing helped. I had the surgery on 9/15 and the difference is amazing. I have not had any facial pain and best of all with not packing the sinus afterwards I was able to rinse the next day. Being able to rinse so much was the saving grace. On my other two surgeries I had to meet my previous Doctor at the hospital to get the blockages cleared. Not this time, I was able to clear everything by being faithful doing the 5 rinses a day. I was supposed to be off work for 8 days and I had to call and plead with the doctors staff to release me to go back the following Monday 4 days early. I feel wonderful, tired but wonderful. My post op appointment was so good he did not have to do anything further cleaning out. Thank you so much Dr. Meier, you are my hero.”

K.C. :I had an excellent experience with Dr Meier. I highly recommend him. I was very comfortable with Dr Meir his diagnosis was right on. His bedside manor and demeanor was comforting and helpful. His style of surgery was not as uncomfortable as I had expected.”

G.H. “Great ENT and Person. Had an exceptional experience with him. Just wish he wasn’t so far away from us.” (Thomas Killeen)

M.A. “Great Service. Very professional, met my needs.” (Thomas Killeen)

S.T. “I have had wonderful treatment with Dr. Mathis for my nosebleeds. I have the illness HHT which causes my nose to hemorrhage uncontrollably. Dr. Mathis has performed many lifesaving treatments in the office and the hospital in a calm, professional way. There is no cure to this illness, yet he has helped me by his excellent treatment and always in a timely fashion so that I have not bled out. I am very thankful to him and Dr. Dooley (retired). I have seen them for 30 years and have led a normal life with this illness. Many doctors would not even treat me, however, Dr. Mathis has shown respect for me and my family in his treatment. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is very intelligent, has a good bedside manner and is calm in high stress situations.” (Dr. Mathis)

A.A. “Cured my cough! Simple med changes made all the difference in controlling my symptoms. Something 3 other doctors couldn’t figure out.” (Thomas Killeen)

M.C. “Always great, goes above expectation. I started seeing Dr. Mathis when I was being tested and treated for Mono. He visited me in the hospital and kept a very close eye on me until I was back on my feet and it has been great ever since.” (David Mathis)

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